Danish push new investment initiative for green energy

Danish push new investment initiative for green energy

May 29, 2018
Image credit: Ulrich Berens via Flickr 
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Copenhagen/Malmö – During the Nordic Clean Energy Week and the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting, Danish prime minister Lars Rasmussen demanded that more action needs to be taken to transition to green energy. The Nordic government also introduced a new investment initiative.

Politicians from countries accounting for 90 per cent of all global investment in green energy as well as 75 per cent of global CO2 emissions, attended the summit in Denmark. Amongst them were European ministers but also representatives from the US, China and Indonesia, among others.

Several countries agreed on ambitious targets for investments into sustainable energy. The Danish government also launched a new investment initiative to accelerate the transition towards green energy from the side of companies, investors and politicians.

“A few years ago, people said that the next generation would be the first to experience the serious consequences of climate change – and the last generation to do something about it. Today it looks a lot more like it is our generation that must act,” Lars Rasmussen said.

In the weeks preceding the summit, Nordic Energy Research also visited the three Baltic capitals to present the Baltic Energy Technology Scenarios 2018 (BENTE) study and engage civil society, businesses and government in a discussion on the future of the Baltic energy system.

The report looks into the question of “What would be required for the Baltic states to meet their climate and energy targets in 2030?”. The report was presented in Tallinn, Vilnius, and Riga. Participants discussed issues like the future of the natural gas grid, competitiveness and adoption of electric vehicles, policy frameworks and growth in electricity demand.

Image credit: Ulrich Berens via Flickr