EU wants zero-carbon economy “as early as possible”

EU wants zero-carbon economy “as early as possible”

Jun 28, 2018
Image credit: Darren Coleshill via Unsplash
Thursday, June 28, 2018

London/Brussels – The EU is fighting hard to transform Europe into a low-carbon and green continent as soon as possible. A new deal is establishing the rules to ensure energy across the bloc is secure, affordable and climate friendly according to the London based Climate Action Programme.

The newest EU deal that eyes a zero-carbon economy did not set a date for reaching its goals, instead opting for “as early as possible” in the final wording. Each member state now needs to submit national energy and climate plans on how each individual country will meet the key components of the project: decarbonisation, energy security, and energy efficiency.

“For the first time we will have an Energy Union Governance, fixed in the European Union rule book, encompassing all sectors of the energy policy and integrating climate policy in line with the Paris Agreement,” Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU’s climate commissioner, said in a statement. On Twitter, he called the governance “simplified, robust and transparent”.

In the same week the European Commission, Parliament and Council also agreed to increase energy efficiency to 32.5 per cent by 2030. Negotiators also brokered a target to source 32 per cent of energy from renewable sources, as the Climate Action Programme stated.

This news coincided with another positive news for renewable energy as analysts came out predicting that wind and solar will reach 50 per cent of global generation by 2050. In their view considerable cost reductions together with cheap batteries will make the drive towards renewable energy unstoppable.

Image credit: Darren Coleshill via Unsplash