Partnership is embedded in our enterprise mission as key to success. Therefore we consider our visitors and our information providers as partners as we share the same interest in sustainability. Our platform is the dedicated channel to promote sustainability and thus sustainability investments in mutual funds.

We want to induce investments in sustainability as they are an indispensable step to promote sustainability and mutual funds are the most popular vehicle for investments.

Our means to reach our goals are communication and analysis. Our communication is web-based and available to all our partners with our tools, blogs, newsletters and webinars. Our analysis are available to everybody according to its needs and are covering the global fund market in order to facilitate and broaden investment decisions by allowing comparability and measurability.

Our partners are:

  • fund companies, managers and promotors
  • listed and non-listed corporations
  • asset managers, pension funds, banks, family offices
  • institutions, universities, national and international organizations, charities & endowments
  • achievers and achievement in sustainability


Pictet Asset Management is a specialist asset manager offering investment solutions and services to investors around the world. As per end of March 2017 we manage CHF 172 billion of assets across a broad range of equity, fixed income, alternatives and multi-asset strategies. Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with our clients by exceeding their expectations for investment performance and service. Our clients include some of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and financial institutions. We have more than 830 employees spread across 17 offices worldwide including 7 investment centres (Geneva, Zurich, London, Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong). We are part of the Pictet Group, founded in Geneva in 1805, which also specialises in Wealth Management and Asset Services. Privately owned and managed by six partners, the Pictet Group has more than 3,900 employees in 26 offices around the world.

Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) strengthens the position of Switzerland in the global marketplace for sustainable finance by informing, educating and catalyzing growth. The association, founded in 2014, has representation in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano. Currently SSF unites 90 members and network partners from financial service providers, investors, universities and business schools, public sector entities and other interested organisations.

Stewart Investors is one of the leading British sustainability fund managers. The investment philosophy is founded on the principle of stewardship – careful, considered and responsible management of funds.

De Pury Pictet Turrettini & Cie (PTT) is one of only very few European fund managers that approach sustainability investing mainly through an encompassing engagement program. The three Cadmos engagement fund all follow PPT’s proprietary Buy & Care investment strategy for equities.

Ethos, Swiss Foundation for Sustainable Development, is composed of Swiss pension funds and institutions. Ethos was founded in 1997 and aims at promoting socially responsible investment (SRI) as well as a stable and prosperous socio-economic environment that safeguards the interests of civil society today and in the future.

proFonds is the overarching umbrella organisation for the non-profit foundations and organizations in Switzerland. The Association represents the interests of the Swiss non-profit sector vis-à-vis the public, governmental bodies and administration. Its main focus is to enable foundations and NPO to implement and realise their work and objectives more effectively, now and in the future. This includes efforts to improve the general conditions of foundation law and foundation tax law, and to foster a foundation-friendly climate.

Parnassus Investments is an independent and employee-owned investment management company based in San Francisco, California. The firm seeks to invest in good businesses that have increasingly relevant products or services, sustainable competitive advantages, quality management teams and ethical business practices.

Triodos Bank N.V. is a bank based in the Netherlands with branches in several European countries. It is a pioneer in sustainability investing an belonged to the first European financial institutions to launch investment funds that integrate non-financial criteria.

View all sustainability funds managed by Triodos Bank N.V. in the Sustainability Fund Finder

Founded in 1995, RobecoSAM is an investment specialist focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing. It offers a comprehensive palette of products including in-house asset management, Sustainability Indices, corporate sustainability assessments, active ownership and engagement, and customized portfolio benchmarking solutions.

Tareno Ltd was established in 2000 as a company limited by shares and is owned by private partners. The Tareno Waterfund invests globally in listed companies that offer products and services directly or indirectly related to the value chain of water. The long-only share fund aims at benefiting from water market dynamics, growth potential and investment options and is correspondingly positioned.

Warentest is a German consumer organisation and foundation involved in investigating and comparing goods and services in an unbiased way.
Stiftung Warentest has an important role in two main areas. On the one hand it has the task of comparing objective aspects such as usefulness, functionality and environmental impact, and on the other hand it has the mission of educating consumers. Aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are part of the investigations process of Stiftung Warentest.

Stiftung Warentest chose Partners for Sustainability as data provider in order to enrich its fund database with non-financial, ESG criteria. The Stiftung Warentest fund database is available at www.test.de/fonds.

WHEB Asset Management is a specialist fund management business owned and managed by some of the most experienced practitioners of sustainable investment in the sector.  The business is focussed on a single investment strategy. We seek to generate superior returns from global equities by investing in companies providing solutions to some of the most serious environmental and social challenges facing mankind over the coming decades.  Our corporate mission in support of this aim is to “advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments”. www.whebgroup.com