Sustainable investments set new record

Sustainable investments set new record

Jun 13, 2018
Image credit: Pascal Volk via Flickr
Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Vienna – The market for sustainable investments is booming in Germany and Austria and has set new records in 2017 according to a recent market report. For the first time, the report also distinguished between sustainable and responsible investment.

With a growth rate of 16.88 percent, the volume of sustainable funds and mandates, which would include not only financial but also ecological and social criteria, reached a record 92.1 billion euros in Germany. According to the new market report by the FNG – the Forum of Sustainable Investments – this figure could be as high as 171 billion euros if all forms of investment are calculated.

At the same time Austrian sustainable investment also reached a new record high totaling around 15.2 billion euros. Compared with the previous year, the volume of assets taking strict social, environmental and governance criteria into account grew by 16 percent. Swiss sustainable investment grew by 14 per cent compared to the previous year, but available data was considerably smaller compared to previous years which made the result unreliable. A high percentage of previous participants opted out for the 2018 survey.

Because the FNG has adapted its methodology to European standards, the current market report also distinguished between sustainable investments and responsible investment for the first time. By adapting the methodology, the institute aims to achieve two things: “On the one hand, we can better capture and describe the different approaches, and on the other, the FNG is already tackling the increasing demands of the EU for responsible investment,” FNG CEO Volker Weber told

Image credit: Pascal Volk via Flickr